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Software Solutions Delivery


Looking for an individual developer?

We accommodate the most demanding requirements and deliver talented developers from across the globe, in a short period of time. Some of the parameters we can consider in the search to meet the client's needs are:

Once a potentially qualified developer is chosen by the client, we allow them to conduct their own interviews or assessments in order to determine the right candidate for the role.

Need a multi-disciplinary team to build a greenfield software product?

Strategic utilizes its large network, and extensive software product development and team building experience, to help companies find the right team of developers that meet your specific needs.

  • Strategic short lists partners from our trusted global network of outsourcing companies

  • We arrange video conference meetings for the client to personally assess each partner's suitability for the project

  • Once a primary partner is chosen by the client, we arrange the necessary interviews and assessments to help the client solidify their initial team roster

  • Once the team roster is set, the project expectations are agreed upon, and the contract is signed, the project is initiated

  • If the project is greenfield  consisting of building a complete application stack, the build process begins with creating the software architecture design, and then UI/UX team begins their work

  • Once the user personas are identified, and the wireframes are created the front-end developers build the application interface envisioned by the UI/UX team

  • Oncer the initial user interface is completed, the back-end developers begin their work that includes the API development needed allow different applications in the technology stack  to communicate with each other

  • In parallel, the data engineering resources on the team design the database architecture to store and organize the business information

  • Throughout this process DevOps engineers can be deployed to build, maintain, and optimize the computing, monitoring, logging, security, and data storage environments needed to keep the developers productive

  • QA/Test engineers are often needed to help the developers stay solely focused on their development tasks, while keeping them "honest" and helping them understand the implications of what they are coding

  • Throughout this process frequent engineering stand-up meetings, project management reviews, and code reviews are conducted to guarantee the software develpment velocity and quality are meeting the client's expectations, and that the work is being done on time and within budget

Software Development Processes and Lifecycle

Strategic specializes in projects that demand leading edge software development skills, using the latest technologies and agile methodologies. We go beyond software development by helping companies improve their competitiveness and deliver profitable outcomes.


We implement solutions covering all the stages of the software development cycle, such as:

  • Project requirements

  • Software architecture

  • Project planning

  • Project management

  • UX creation and design

  • Front-end and back-end development

  • Data engineering

  • DevOps

  • Security

  • API development

  • Software testing

  • Solution implementation

  • Training

Our team members can include the following profiles as either full time or part time contributors:

  • Project managers

  • Software architects

  • UI/UX designers

  • Copywriters

  • Frontend and backend developers

  • API developers

  • DevOps engineers

  • Security specialists

  • Data engineers

  • UX and code testers

  • Domain expertise consultants

We, and our partners, use industry best practices in both project management and software development, and create maximum transparency, with ongoing collabotration, tracking, updates and reviews.

Strategic Technologies delivers software development teams that have mastered working within the following leading agile methodologies, practices, processes, and frameworks:

MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Projects

For greenfield product development projects, and once a proof of concept is ideated, we recommend our clients move towards focusing on the creation of an MVP, which contains only the necessary software features and functionality needed to test and validate the proof of concept with customer prospects.


An MVP should effectively test the market, lay the ground work for future development iterations, and result in the establishment of an intial product development roadmap.

At Strategic, we assist both start-ups and large enterprises with building their businesses by helping them validate market demand with the minimum amount of time and expense, and we do this by focusing the team on Design Thinking.

Holistic "Design Thinking" Product Development Process

With the "Design Thinking" process every team member is focused on the project's established design principles and methodologies. A focus on the overall design is established as a top operational priority for each member, and is characterized as a "way of thinking". 

Design Thinking - A Five Stage Process


Observe users by interviewing them and understanding the “why”

Identify patterns, develop insights, and establish targeted needs


Sketch and storyboard every assumption. 


Build, identify important design elements, and keep in mind the problem being solved.


Think by doing, If possible, create several prototypes to test user preferences.


Show don’t tell:  Put the prototype(s) in the user’s hands.
Ask them to compare and contrast between the different prototypes

Design Thinking and Prototyping to Empathise, Define, Ideate, and Test

Prototyping should be a part of each stage of Design Thinking. Prototyping is an ideation method, and it allows developers, as well as users, to explore alternative solutions. This is possible because prototyping allows developers to think by doing. Adopting a ‘thinking by doing’ mindset is extremely helpful in letting development teams derive more value from researching, defining, ideating, and testing.

Delivering the Results that Matter

Strategic Technologies brings together the proper oversight, people, technologies, processes, methodolgies, and frameworks needed to deliver superior outcomes, on time, and within budget. You can count on Strategic to deliver the results that matter.

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