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About Us

We believe there is an easier and less risky way to outsource.

The key is having many trusted sources to choose from, to find just the right people, when you need them, at the right price.


Based in Silicon Valley, Strategic was founded by Bruce Templeton, a serial entrepreneur and experienced technology executive.

As CEO of a software company for almost a decade, he has extensive experience bringing the right talent together to build world-class software products.

Major problems companies face when looking for outsourced technologists are:

  • Finding just the right people for the role

  • Having them available on the bench ready to go when needed

  • Securing competitive pricing

  • Ensuring business continuity by having each technologist backed by an experienced team, as opposed to relying on solo freelancers

Strategic's competitive advantage in delivering individuals, or entire development teams, for both start-ups and enterprise organizations is the wide range of options provided. Strategic makes it possible to find just the right people, available at just the right time, at great prices. It is the strong trusted relationships, developed over more than a decade, with it's partners located all over the world that makes this possible.


More trusted choices equals better outcomes.


Strategic not only creates a "best of both worlds" scenario for it's customers, our extensive experience and attention come at no extra cost since our pricing is the same as going direct to our partners.

Strategic's commitment to a culture of open communication, shared knowledge and engaged collaboration, is shown with our "we have their back" commitment towards every resource we deliver. No person is left on their own because each is backed by a team of experts with familiarity of your project, something freelancers cannot offer. Due to this commitment, virtually no task or project is too daunting for the technologists that come from Strategic, and blockers are resolved fast and new skills are quickly mastered just when needed. With Strategic it is truly a team effort.

Give us a try and talk with a wide range of promising candidates, at no cost to you.

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