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Identity Management Services

Strategic delivers expertise that helps your organization implement an effective Identity Access Management (IAM) solution that provides both strong security and a positive digital user experience, without compromising one for the other.

​Identity management, also known as identity access management (IAM), is a set of policies and technologies combined to ensure that the proper people have the appropriate access to technology resources and applications.  IAM is a combination of security and data management. IAM systems identify, authenticate, and authorize individuals who will be utilizing IT resources, and also controls access to hardware and applications users need to access.

IAM systems, products, applications and platforms are all ecompassing, not only in how they manage data about individuals, but also about entities such as computer-related hardware and software applications.

IAM determines how users gain an access identity, the roles they are granted with that identity, the permissions associated with their roles, and the protection their identity is provided using varrious technologies such as: network protocols, digital certificates, tokens, passwords, etc..


IAM solutions are becoming more critical as regulatory compliance requirements are becoming more stringent and complex, and penalities for data breaches are increasing.


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