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Data Engineering

Strategic offers optional dedicated full-time or part-time Data Engineering/DataOps engineers by the hour, and also a 24/7/365 DataOps-as-a-Service managed services for a monthly fee.


Data Engineering involves building an effective data architecture, streamlining data processing, and maintaining large-scale data systems. A Data Engineer creates and query databases, manipulates data, and configures schedules to run specified data pipelines.

A data engineer needs to be good at:

  • Architecting distributed systems

  • Creating data pipelines

  • Combining data sources

  • Architecting data stores

  • Collaborating with various teams to build the right data solutions for them

Most companies store their data in variety of formats across databases and text files. This is where Data Engineers come in — they build pipelines that transform that data into formats that Data Scientists can use. Data engineers can be just as important as Data Scientists, but tend to be less visible because they work behind the scenes to help deliver the end product that results from the predictive data modeling and analysis conducted by the Data Scientist.

To sum it up, a Data Engineer transforms data into a useful format for analysis by a Data Scientist.

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