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Software Architecture Design

Software architecture is more or less a blueprint of a software application. The architecture of a software system is much like the architecture of a building. It functions as a blueprint for the system, and the development plan and related processes, laying out the tasks and frameworks necessary to be respectively executed and implemented by the design teams.

Software architecture is the defining and structuring of a foundation that meets both long-term technical and operational requirements. This approach reduces the overall cost of software development and maintenance throughout the application, or platform, life-cycle.  

Software architecture optimizes attributes involving a series of decisions, such as security, performance and manageability. These decisions ultimately impact application quality, maintenance, performance and overall success.


It often includes a complete set of design documents that outline how a software application will interact with hardware, networks, and other components. A software architecture is a complex design of elements in a system, and the relationships between them. The software architecture can be seen as a tool used for communicating the detailed structure of a system. It explains both internal and external relationships of components to define how the systems will function in a production environment.

Most computer software is built based on defined processes. These processes include the areas of requirements, design, coding, and testing. It is important to capture the architectural design concepts early in the process, typically during the requirements phase of the life-cycle development continuim. This ensures the software architecture is appropriately planned early enough to develop a technical foundation  to build from, and to include the overall strategies of the organization and the needs of the users.

A software architect is a developer who is responsible for the high-level design and strategic planning of new software products. This can include security, computing, and database planning as well as the frameworks and design methodology used for the code development. A software architect is not only typically a developer by trade, but they are also strategic technologists and planners that are communication experts who have the ability to understand the various technologies involved, and can actively listen to stakeholder’s values, goals, and concerns. This person uses this information to create technology maps that set technical directions.

Enterprise Software Development

We implement solutions covering all the stages of the software development cycle (project planning and monitoring, identification and management of requirements and impact on the processes, software construction, testing planning and execution, training planning and execution, solution implementation).

Our work teams include some of these profiles: project managers, software architects, developers, functional consultants, testers and user interface designers. Clients are always part of these teams, in either a full time or part time basis.

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